Why Mee Media?


As an independent music distributor and right agency, Mee Media understands your needs and we are constantly developing new tools and marketing services for artists, labels, and creators. Content producers can focus on their production and we will ensure that you will have the best opportunities.


Our management and delivery system has been developed to meet the needs of all kinds of content owners and is improving constantly. With quick and intuitive navigation, it allows artists, labels, to control all of their deliveries, manage the catalogs and track the earning in an easy and automated way.


Our market-leading reporting system makes us become a fully transparent company. Our financial dashboard provides our partners with clear analytics for their full catalogs. With easy to read statements, you can sort revenues by DSP, title, artist, label, sales type, statement period and territory.


We work closely with artists, labels and content creators. Assigning a specialist working with them to help them to reach their goal. We adapt our services to each of our clients to suit their needs. We understand flexibility is the key for every one of you to the success.